Online Teaching for Student’s Learning Enhancement

26 Sep

Know Pronto builds a learning portal for online teaching to enhance student’s learning. This education portal creates a learning environment for students who want to get answers to their questions as quickly as possible. The student portal offers students an opportunity to find highly skilled and competent online teachers and encourages them to formulate and ask questions to meet educational needs.

Know Pronto also provides online teachers an opportunity to impart one’s knowledge to individuals with specific needs in a distance learning environment. Web-based learning has now become the most popular and best way of learning worldwide because of improved communication between students and online teachers regardless of the distance that separates them. Aside from that, the use of internet in today’s world is now widely used in education. Through these kinds of learning portals, students will be able to have their questions answered from people with adequate knowledge, skills, and experience. Students can also find various resources in education portal which they can easily access and use for learning. At first, student portal may appear simple but when essential needs of students are determined over time, a website like knowpronto will surely add new features which will be helpful to learners on their learning experience.

Know Pronto is an education portal designed for students who need online educational services. Here students can ask questions to their online teacher of choice. They can ask any questions from different topics that they have in mind. The learning portal is built to maintain the communication between students and online teacher and improve student-teacher relationship. This relationship is very important especially in distance learning.

There are many advantages that Know Pronto offers to serve its current members and potential users. This learning portal makes student learning experience easy and convenient. Knowpronto enables students to get answers satisfactorily by giving an opportunity to online teachers who have enough knowledge on their field to teach in an innovative way. Learners are allowed to choose their online teacher that meets their budget and allow teachers in turn are allowed to set their own pay rate. Knowpronto also allows them to teach and learn anywhere they choose. Students are given the freedom to choose among those who meet their requirements by using the information and other resources that online teachers have provided on their profile. If they have difficulties with any subject in class, they can connect with online teachers at Know Pronto through the student portal, ask questions, and get answers instantly. They can access the learning portal provided by Know Pronto whenever they want to enhance their learning.

Online teachers are responsible for the preparation of their own course materials and other learning tools and ensure its completeness for online teaching when joining Know Pronto. They are encouraged to be technology savvy to improve their online teaching services by helping them to realize the importance of using a device and other kinds of technology for teaching. They can log into the website with education portal whenever they want and provide their exact times and dates of availability. In Know Pronto, the learning portal is made accessible to both teachers and learners to develop their connection and aims to enhance knowledge sharing and learning.

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The Evolution and future of Learning Portals

24 Sep

E- Learning and learning portals were introduced with an intention of giving a flip to the learning needs of people who had very less time in their busy schedule to attend regular conventional classes. This was a really good idea for people who didn’t want to pick their bag and go to a formal school college or university either due to the time constraint or due to the stigma attached with attending a regular educational institution at a ripe age.

With time and technological advances people began to wake up to the various advantages that were offered by these learning portals even to people who have been attending conventional classes. Knowledge and information access has been improvised with time in the past few years. Getting the right information from the right source to the target audience still remains a challenge even in this highly sophisticated ultra modern technology laden era. This is where learning portals like Knowpronto have been making widening the gap between people who are seeking knowledge and information and people who already have expertise in their subject area.

Think of the days when learners had to browse through hefty manuscripts to get detailed information about a particular topic. Then people started using the internet and had to browse numerous websites to quench their thirst for the knowledge and data that they were looking for. This practice was good enough if you had a lot of time and energy to spare. In this fast paced economy time is one thing that is scarce for people who really need to climb up the success ladder very less time. Learning Portals are the best bet for such people.

While browsing these learning portals powered by the techniques of E-learning one is bound to come across websites that offer their clients 24×7 support, a specific Turn around Time and Experts at their disposal to ask any questions and get answers to any of their problems. This specific evolution in the learning scenario has changed the overall output that learners can generate in a very less time. An individual need to go to different websites and sift through voluminous data. Just ask a question and get your answer in the Turn around Time that has been specified to you. Makes sense as you are paying for the information authentic information that you are getting from industry experts.

There may soon be a situation on the Web where reputed physical educational portals may subscribe to these learning portals and act as facilitators so that students enrolled with them have a better understanding of the subjects and topics that are being taught to them. Online tutors will be able to reach more and more individuals in their pursuit to share their knowledge and experience they have gained over the years. In short the future impact of learning portals is going to have a profound effect on individual learners. Online educational portals are here to stay and give worth for the money being invested in them by learners.

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Online teachers for Foreign Languages

17 Aug

Do you want to learn how to speak a new language? There are actually lots of ways on how to learn different languages online. We all want to know the languages used by others so we can better understand them. We need to study and learn the different languages to effectively communicate with others. There are varieties of ways to learn languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and other popular languages such as reading, watching videos, listening to audios, and even through online gaming for retention depending on the resources available. Learning foreign languages not just allows you to connect with friends through social media sites but it also gives an excellent opportunity to share important facts and other information with others. It allows you to learn more through effective communication. Learning languages also improves listening and communication skills for personal and professional development.

We learn so many things when we expose ourselves to the internet. We find articles that are written in different languages. Reading books, magazines, newspapers and other reading materials is one way of learning grammar and enhancing comprehension skills. But people are more likely to use online resources rather than offline materials. We can read blogs, articles, and participate in online forums which are very helpful for learning languages. Listening is another way to improve comprehension and speaking skills.

Online video is also one of the most widely used resources for language learning. Mostly of the videos and foreign movies found on you tube have already subtitles or translations put at the bottom of the screen. Listening to audio format books online rather than listening to different radio station programs has now become a common practice people have used. Actively participating in various online communities is also a helpful way for foreign language education learning. Actually, there’s a lot more ways we rely on the internet for language learning.

With this, Know Pronto offers a great place for online language courses. You can find and connect with native speakers worldwide through Know Pronto. The site gives you the opportunity to attend language lessons or training online. In KnowPronto, you will learn in a simplest, quickest, and cost-effective way by providing you a place for interactive and fun learning experience. Develop and enhance your language learning with our live one-on-one online language learning opportunity. We will help you find the best language teachers who can pronounce well, speak clearly, use correct grammar, and teach you a new language correctly. We will also provide you with easy, fast, and reliable services necessary for language learning. We give our language learners the different options which are conducive to language learning. We aim to be the best language learning place online and provide the best way towards learning language success.

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Know Pronto Presenting Interesting facts about Education Portal Online

28 Jul

Learning portals currently have given a flip to the education and learning industry. With all the resources provided by the likes of Know Pronto learning and teaching has almost become child’s play for each person using it to its optimum level.

Computer utilization is actually part of our day-to-day living due to the fact World Wide Web has a whole lot to provide. It is currently thought to be the main source of information. Practically all you would like to research is available on the internet. However, before you can gain access to web and its assets, you will have the gear for example computer as well as cell phone. These systems have now become the most favoured as well as effective tool for young students as well amongst educators or industry experts. Online you may connect with people throughout the world.

You could find professionals and excellent prospects that educational institutions or perhaps any establishments did not offer. It performs many attributes, which consistently develop to establish a big impression in the near future. Classes are now offered online and people particularly kids finds e-learning more fun as well as intriguing. This makes it possible for visitors to learn to utilize high technological innovation and learn at any time as well as anywhere. This kind of advantage provided by learning portals helps numerous a individuals as well as educators in preserving their time and effort and so investing it in studying as well as teaching.

The very best benefit that online learning offers is a safe learning environment. Lectures, presentations, demos, and other studying activities will probably be provided online. You can learn many things at the comfort of your house. Actually, there were already large amount of individuals who got their particular degree on the internet, which in turn demonstrates the effectiveness of e-learning. It offers a superior an effective method of disseminating data through offering effective e-learning packages.

This may aid both pupil and instructor to increase their interaction skills with available sources. E-learning actually helps individuals of any ages to get the desired expertise and data to create as well as progress their own job. Even if you are a child, parent, or expert, you will get the benefits from online learning. When compared to the traditional style of studying, on line learning offers quite a bit more benefits but you ought to be smart on choosing the best alternative before taking the actual methods for the achievement of e-learning.

E-learning enables you to learn numerous topics without having to spend for lodging as well as travelling. There is large amount of learning chances on line. One can learn or even meet your tutor anytime you need. The particular demand for online schooling remains on the top because every day is a brand new learning experience. The convenience it provides has drawn many students. A person does not need to travel to school or even universities from home. It is the one approach, which has altered the traditional method of teaching and learning. In which, students needed to move about literally from one place to another looking for knowledge.

The learning plans as well as courses provided on-line are of top quality. You can get large amount of expertise and excellent knowledge in front of your computer. You can use the various search engines in order to determine the best plan that best suits you. The key things you need to get are laptop or computer and high pace internet connection. Obtaining multimedia as well as other resources for instance printer, speaker, and earphone are also worthwhile to make e-learning more potent as well as successful.

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Basic concepts of E-learning

23 Jul

Let us first define what e-learning is. E-learning is a way of acquiring knowledge, education, and learning by means of electronic communication or interaction. E-learning allows you to learn anytime and anywhere such as in school, home, and other exciting places where you can feel comfortable. The internet becomes a virtual classroom where e-learning takes place. It can be an effective learning environment especially if online educators have excellent teaching styles.

A good teaching method generates students’ participation, cooperation, and involvement throughout the learning process. These methods must be diversified to suit students’ needs. The commonly used learning strategys include the utilization of learning materials such as slides for PowerPoint presentation. This method is widely used for visual learners. Another course material is video clips for demonstration which is suitable for kinesthetic or tactile learners. And another commonly used learning style is audio learning for students who needs further explanation and deep comprehension. These methods must meet the standard learning modalities of students depending on how they learn best. It might be visual, auditory, or kinesthetic (also known as tactile).

E-learning has now become a great way to learn in today’s society. People of all ages have already adopted the new learning environment. It is considered as the most flexible way to learn because it is self-paced. You can learn anytime you want without having trouble with your class schedule. Learning is individualized which means that you are the one who initiates learning and direct it yourself. You can also choose the learning speed on your own.

Aside from flexibility, e-learning is also known of its convenience because it allows you to choose your preferred learning location. You can learn anywhere you like as long as you feel relaxed and satisfied. Its popularity as a fast and highly effective way to learn has attracted many of students because it keeps them motivated. It pushes and challenges learners to explore, innovate, and learn new things towards mastery of skills and advancement of knowledge. And e-learning is also quite inexpensive because it provides an access to learning programs or courses at affordable costs. In Know Pronto, we provide everything you need for the best e-learning experience possible.

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E-learning the sure shot way to success

29 Jun

To help make our visions come true, we all need to study. That is how vital knowledge is usually to our way of life. Ever since the beginning of latest technology, people are getting more keen on e-learning. The exciting multimedia sources have developed into a tremendous aspect of the elevated growth of population who participate in the modern development of learning with knowpronto. Most of the people like the very idea of studying anytime and anyplace. Additionally, deficiency of accessibility to technological innovations in old fashioned environment has placed challenges to the students as well as tutors. Consequently, educators and pupils take part in the revolutionary experience of studying to overcome these kinds of issues. This modification increases learners’ possibilities as a result of improved technique of instructing. By using technologies as well as other tools, instructors can impart their understanding in a artistic and innovative method.

Online learning in addition gives an opportunity for professors to get in touch with peers for support as well as cooperation. This chance to interact efficiently may bring about the particular specialized development and understanding of the educators. E-learning is the good way to present thoughts and service each other to boost studying particularly when travelling is not possible for a assembly or conventions because of some other commitments. Most of the trainees also practice the new idea of discovering as it’s an effective method to obtain self-motivation. This studying atmosphere is already wide-spread because of its usefulness and suppleness. Online applications and technology is very simple to use and very beneficial in building communication.

However the achievement of e-learning seems difficult without a web site that links learners as well as lecturers. Know Pronto provides a high quality expertise that lets you find specialists and individuals with excellent necessity of knowledge. This great site is formed for anyone that are looking at the new style of learning. This primarily has an instructional setting for e-learning and e-teaching. We develop the bond between learner and educator and provide a place for digital studying success.

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The Useful Tools and Resources for Educators

31 May

Learning is a process wherein learners get new ideas and bunch of new skills. It is very important for a child to be educated to increase their mental capacities, enhance their potentials, and improve academic achievements. Before, we encourage them to learn by reading books, magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials. But nowadays, as the world becomes technologically advanced, we give them freedom to use the internet because they can easily find abundant information on the web. The internet has truly become a powerful resource of information of so many people across the world. This is the main reason why educators have become more and more involved in online teaching.

The internet has become a major source of information and useful tool for educators. They use the internet to access various resources instantly such as e-books, videos, audios, blogs, and other online resources. They also use internet to help, assist, and guide students on their education through their services. Many of the teachers have embraced the new trend in education and many of them believed that online education has a brighter future. According to the latest survey conducted by higher educational institutions, the number of students’ population who enroll in online educational courses and programs are rapidly increasing which results in the adaptation of innovative learning and utilization of information and communication technologies. This necessity has made e-learning as one of the best options for education.

Because of people’s creativity and this fast-changing world, there are lots of websites which offer a great opportunity for highly qualified teachers by assimilating technologies to the learning experience of students who engaged in e-learning. These technologies make distance learning more fun and effective. It makes learning so much easier, and for that reason, has a lot to offer. It aims to provide a best place in connecting people (Both Advisors and Students) and building quality online education by creating a portal for both students and teachers in order to achieve success. It was built and specially designed for people of all ages who need immediate help like mentoring and advising as well as for continuous e-learning.

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